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Lately, I've really been into Sims 3 maternity wear. (I have a Sim that's been pregnant 5 times). The outfits are really ugly. I realized this before, but I never had a Sim spend the majority of her life in the ugly maternity clothes.

This fact caused a trip through to the web. I found a video on Youtube, that described how I could dress the maternity wear up with pretty patterns and also even included other tips that I used and would recommend to others. Although this was great, I wanted more.

I found a blog called blog to be very helpful since she has dozens of links to many websites that have Sims 3 maternity clothes. Some were even from websites I've downloaded before (I love the sundress from All-About-Style). Although there are a lot of links to a website numerous Simmers find questionable, I think her website is a great place to find information on maternity wear.

I already knew of at least one website that specialized in maternity clothing; but never visited the website. I download some maternity wear from this website. (BTW, loved the setup). I also downloaded Sims 3 maternity wear from here. this will probably satisfy my needs for now.

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