August 2010
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For those Simmers that haven't heard, There's a lot of bad CC out there. For example, there is a corrupt file called "Girl Doll Dressed" or the "doll baby" file spreading it's way through the community. It was detected among items from the Sims 3 exchange (although, the're likely to be many other places that have this file).

One of the symptoms of this file include the game taking an usually long time to load. However, if you don't experience this particular symptom, you should still check your DCBackups folders for the TWO files listed below, and delete them.

(1) First... go to: My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/DCBackups

In there, SEARCH for these 2 files:

(the DOLL file that has been going around)

(a CAS "sniaikieidsskin" file)

The following is a list of all the known corrupt custom content found in the Sims 3 thus far:

(Corrupt Custom Content)

(2) Next: Once you've cleaned out your DCBackups file, you may want to download the following tool that test all Sims3packs:
Delpy's tool

Short tutorial on Delphy tool.

... and use it to check EVERY Sims3Pack installer file you have in your computer. The 2 corrupt .package files mentioned above (or others) could be hiding in any installer file you have, and it's essential that we all begin checking and cleaning them just as quickly as we can.

I personally noticed that the living room set from Vitasims3 "Lynx Living Set" is corrupt, so you may want to also check everything downloaded from that website.