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There are those that are brave enough to attempt building their own Sims 3 worlds/Sims 3 created worlds. There are those who are not as brave, or for whatever reason prefer to download Sims 3 worlds instead. Some just find themselves in the middle, they do want to build one or are working on one, but they download them too! Well...whatever the case, I've found Sims 3 worlds a little hard to find, and I figure some may feel the same, so I've gathered a few places to download some great Sims 3 worlds quickly.

My Sims Realty -BTW, they also have nice houses.
SimTr -the website offers a beautiful one called Simtopia.
(Note: Simtopia, also has a lighter version. Plus, other things apply, so please read carefully.)
Barnacle Bay is available at the Store, under the category Worlds. It's 1,650 Sim points.

I've read great things about these two Worlds Los Aniegos and Red Country, but still use your own judgment when downloading. Both Worlds are base on California,USA.

Note: The Sims 3 official website has a list of upcoming and current ones. Through the forum link